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From a growing selection of great models through to lower running costs there are a lot of reasons to choose an electric car as your next vehicle. We’ve rounded up all the benefits of electric vehicles for you to read through and help you decide if you should choose one for your next car.  


Perhaps the most obvious of all benefits is that fully electric vehicles produce zero emissions. Although there are some emissions created in the production of the electricity used to charge the vehicle, the environmental impact overall is considered to be lower than if you were to fill up with petrol or diesel. If you use renewable energy to charge the car this impact will be even lower.

Lower emissions also means improved air quality in your local area.  

Electric engines make very little noise, so you won’t add to noise pollution when you’re driving, and provides you with a calmer driving experience.

As we all become more environmentally aware more manufacturers are increasing their use of eco-friendly materials and designs across their ranges, including the electric models.



Government Grant

The government offer a grant of up to £3,500 on the price of brand new low or zero emission vehicles. This is given to the dealer / manufacturer and they include the value of the grant in the vehicle price. With a lease this is passed onto you through lower rentals. 

Home Charger Grant

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (the OLEV) run the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) which provides up to £500 off the cost of buying and installing a home charging unit.  

This grant is available for most electric and plug-in hybrid cars. To see a full list of eligible vehicles just click here.

Running Costs

Fully electric cars are generally cheaper to run than hybrids or traditional petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles, as is costs a lot less to charge the car than it does to fill up a tank.

Maintenance Costs

Electric cars have fewer moving parts so the cost of maintaining and servicing them is generally lower. If you lease you can also spread out the cost of this with a maintenance package. Take a look at our Maintained Car Lease Guide for more information on this.

Road Tax

As electric cars have zero emissions you do not need to pay road tax on those that are valued at under £40,000. For vehicles listed at over £40,000 there would be a premium to pay. 

If you decide to lease a vehicle that is over this value then you still would not need to worry about this as it will be covered by your funder. 

Lower Company Car Tax

Also known as a Benefit in Kind (BIK) company car tax is applied to company vehicles that are also available for your personal use. To incentivise businesses to choose electric vehicles the government is offering lower rates on zero and low emission vehicles. So if you receive company car tax on your work vehicle you could save money by going electric.

London Congestion Charge

Until December 2025 vehicles with zero emissions are exempt from London congestion charges. If you drive in the city a lot then an electric car would save you having to pay this charge for the next few years.

Low / Zero Emission Zones

The majority of electric vehicles are exempt from London's ultra low emission zone charges. 

Many other cities around the UK are looking at introducing zero emission zones, which operate along similar lines and you can avoid having to pay these charges by switching to an eletric vehicle. 

Leasing VS Owning

Electric vehicles tend to be a little more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts. If you are considering an electric vehicle but are worried about the purchase price then leasing might be the right choice for you. Take a look at all our offers on electric vehicles here.


User Friendly:

Owning and leasing an electric vehicle is now easier than ever. With most brands having at least one fully electric or hybrid model in their range you can be sure to find an electric vehicle that fits all of your requirements.

A lot of people are concerned about the range of electric vehicles but with ever advancing technology the mileage range on offer is getting further and further. On the market at the minute there are models like the Tesla Model 3 which has a range of over 300 miles so you can be sure to find a vehicle with a driving range to suit your needs.

As well as larger ranges there is a growing number of charging points available across the UK with designated electric parking and charging points becoming a common sight in carparks. You can even download apps to see your closest charging points, or if you have a long drive and want to plan charging stops.

If you want to take a look at all the available chargers across the UK then carwow's interactive map shows you all the public chargers available. Check it out by clicking here.  

If you have off street parking, you can also have a home charging unit installed so you can charge your car overnight, and don’t need to worry about the battery running low on your morning commute.

Benefits of Hybrids:

Hybrid vehicles combine an electric motor with the internal combustion engine. As they are not fully electric there are different benefits to driving a hybrid vehicle. Take a look at our top reasons for choosing a hybrid below:

  1. Hybrids use less fuel than a car that relies solely on petrol or diesel.
  2. As they use less fuel hybrids also emit less emissions than a petrol or diesel powered car.
  3. Unlike with pure electric vehicles you will not have any range anxiety with a hybrid, as the internal combustion engine will kick in once the battery is out of power.  
  4. Plug-in hybrids often have lower road tax than their petrol or diesel counterparts.
  5. Most modern hybrids offer a choice of driving modes for you to choose from so that you can maximise performance and efficiency depending on the driving conditions.
  6. Although there are fewer tax incentives on hybrids than fully electric vehicles there are still some you could be eligible for.
  7. Hybrids have a quieter driving sound when they are in electric mode, so don’t add to noise pollution in built up areas.

Want to learn more about electric and hybrid cars? Check out our Electric Car Leasing Guide. 

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