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Please be aware that the maintenance prices shown on Car Lease Special Offers are based on an average from across our funders. The actual cost of maintenance for your lease will be confirmed by one of our Leasing Consultants on your personalised quote.

What is a Maintenance Package?

A maintenance package or agreement is an additional option on a lease that covers your servicing, tyres, MOTs and other maintenance work needed for the duration of your lease, and some packages also include breakdown assistance.  Taking out a maintenance agreement lets you discuss and arrange everything by simply calling one phone number.

What is and isn’t covered varies between lease funders, and you can see a full breakdown for each further down this page. If you are just looking for a general idea of what may be covered by adding a maintenance package to your lease take a look below:

What’s usually included:

  • All scheduled servicing needed during the lease
  • MOTs are usually covered if your lease is over three years
  • Replacement tyres for punctures and fair wear 
  • Maintenance repairs and replacements of items like bulbs
  • Roadside assistance is also included with some packages

What’s usually not included:

  • Replacements or repairs needed due to driver error or driver induced faults
  • Accidental damage, which may include kerbed or damaged tyres
  • Windscreen replacement or repair
  • Replacement of lost or broken items i.e. missing hub caps
  • Incorrect fuelling, i.e. diesel in a petrol engine
fair wear

You can add a maintenance package any time during the order process until delivery is booked.

 Please be aware that if you decide to add a maintenance package to your lease agreement and you have already signed finance contracts then these will need to be reissued. If you are a personal customer there will be a new cooling off period based on when the new contracts are signed.

Why Choose a Maintained Lease:

There are a lot of reasons to add a maintenance package to your lease agreement. Check out our top ten below:

  1. No Hassle: with a maintained lease you will not need to worry about arranging servicing, maintenance or MOTs, you just need to call your lease provider and they’ll arrange everything for you.
  2. Easy to Contact: Your maintenance provider will have one phone number for you to contact for all your servicing and maintenance needs.
  3. Approved Garages: Your funder will only arrange servicing and repair work with their authorised garages so you can be sure the work will be completed to a high standard.
  4. Collection and Delivery: Most providers offer collection and delivery services, where they collect the vehicle from you and drop it back after the work has been completed.
  5. Mobile Repairs: For some work, like replacement tyres your funder may be able to arrange for mobile repairs as well.
  6. Roadside Assistance: Breakdown assistance is included with most maintenance packages. Take a look at your funder below to check if it is included as standard in theirs.
  7. Regular Payments: Monthly payments make it easier to budget.
  8. Fixed Cost: Your monthly payments will be a fixed price that you agree to when taking out the lease.
  9. No Big Bills: The cost of services and maintenance will be spread across the duration of the lease, so you won’t get any large unexpected bills.
  10. Personalised: There are no standardised costs. Each maintenance package is tailored to the lease taking into account the car model, lease length and annual mileage, so you will only pay what you need to.

We’ve spoken to each of our funders to get a bit more information for you on their maintenance packages and what they include. Just click on your funder below to take a look at what their package covers.

If your lease is funded and maintained through manufacturer finance then please give us a call and we can discuss what is included in their package.

Please be aware that with most funders you will need to contact them to arrange servicing and any maintenance work that is needed. You will be able to find the servicing intervals for your specific model in the vehicle handbook or on the manufacturer's website.


If your lease is maintained through ALD then you will just need to call them on 01179086472 (option 4) to arrange for any servicing, maintenance or MOTs to be completed.

Servicing and Maintenance:

When it comes time for your vehicle to be serviced you will need to contact ALD and they can then arrange this for you. Please be aware that if your vehicle misses a service and there is any later cost because of this then it will be recharged to you.

Where possible ALD will arrange for your vehicle to be collected and delivered back to you after the work is completed or for a courtesy car whilst the work is carried out.

Between servicing it is your responsibility to maintain oil and fluid levels.

Please be aware that the below will not be covered by your maintenance agreement:

  • Replacements / repairs needed due to damage or misuse
  • Windscreen or glass repairs and replacements  

Breakdown Assistance:

ALD's maintenance package include breakdown assistance if your vehicle breaks down as a result of mechanical failure. To get assistance you just need to call them on 01179086472.

Replacement Tyres:

Unless specifically excluded in your agreement then any tyres that need replacing due to fair wear will be covered.

Tyres will be replaced with ALD's preferred high quality brand. 


If your lease is maintained by Alphabet then you can call their driver helpline on 03700120301 to arrange for any services, maintenance repairs, or MOTs to be carried out.

Servicing and Maintenance:

You can easily book a service by calling Alphabet’s driver helpline on the above number.

You will need to arrange for your services to be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Alphabet advise that they cover the below as part of their maintenance package:

  • Routine servicing
  • Mechanical maintenance and parts
  • MOTs
  • Batteries
  • Exhausts
  • Brakes
  • Bulbs
  • Wipers
  • Any repairs that are not covered under warranty and are not related to driver induced faults, damage or missing items
  • The top up of Adblue at routine services (please be aware that if a top up is needed between servicing it will be your responsibility)

Please be aware that Alphabet advise you will need to carry out regular vehicle checks, looking at the oil level, tyre pressure and tread depth, water coolant levels, windscreen wipers and washer fluid. 

The below will not be covered as part of your maintenance package with Alphabet:

  • Replacement or repairs required due to damage or unreasonable premature wear, for example clutch replacement at lower than 60,000 miles
  • Replacement or repairs required due to driver damage or misuse
  • Routine driver checks such as tyre pressure
  • Oil top ups
  • Screen wash

Breakdown Assistance:

Alphabet do not offer breakdown assistance as part of their standard maintenance packages. You can choose to add breakdown assistance to your maintenance package for an additional charge when you place the order.

This typically includes roadside repair, recover, onwards travel and a 48-hour relief vehicle or overnight accommodation in appropriate circumstances.

Replacement Tyres:

As standard with their maintenance package Alphabet include a tyre management service, so they will assist you with replacement tyres due to wear or if you have a puncture.

Alphabet will replace your tyres when they reach a certain level of wear and tear, which is usually a tread depth of 2mm.

Please note that Alphabet do not cover replacement tyres needed due to sidewall impact or accident damage and will recharge a percentage of the remaining thread back to you.


Your maintenance package with Arval will include all routine servicing, maintenance repairs, replacement tyres, batteries, breakdown cover and any worn items in line with their ‘fair play’ policy.

Servicing and Maintenance:

When it is time to book your service or any required maintenance work then you can do so by calling Arval on 03706004499 or via their online system.

Arval work with a network of garages as well as mobile service units across the UK to provide you with the very best service as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that the below is not included in the maintenance package:

  • Glass or windscreen repairs and replacements (but they can help you arrange repairs if needed)
  • Damage caused by an accident
  • Damage caused by driver abuse or neglect

Breakdown Assistance:

Arval include breakdown cover as part of their maintenance package.

The majority of vehicles can be fixed in location but if this is not the case you can be taken home, have your onward travel covered or receive a rental vehicle for 48 hours so you will never be left stranded.

Replacement Tyres:

Arval advise they have a ‘fair play’ policy on tyres, which means tyres will be replaced with a like for like premium brand within your maintenance budget.

Please be aware that any replacement tyres that are needed due to abuse, neglect, theft or vandalism will be recharged to you at a percentage based on the remaining tread.


You can contact Hitachi’s driver line to arrange services, call for roadside assistance, arrange for replacement tyres or get information on travelling abroad. Their number is 03444632900 and you will need to select option 1 and then the appropriate option on the following menu.

Servicing and Maintenance:

When it is time for your vehicle to be serviced you will need to give Hitachi a call.

They will arrange for your servicing and any maintenance work to be completed by a main dealer or one of their authorised independent repairers. Hitachi may be able to arrange for a collection and delivery of your vehicle if your local approved garage offers this service.

If you need a courtesy car whilst any work is being carried out, then you can request this when making the booking. Hitachi advise that you may need to pay a deposit for this service, and that they will try their best to match any specific requirements you request but this is not guaranteed.  

Breakdown Assistance:

Hitachi will look after any breakdown requirements needed as a result of wear and tear or mechanical failure until the end of your contract.

Most manufacturers will provide a breakdown service as standard for the first year of a car’s life after registration. Once this is over your breakdown cover will then be provided by Hitachi’s preferred supplier, which is currently the RAC.

The RAC aim to be with you within sixty to ninety minutes of you contacting Hitachi. If they are unable to repair your vehicle in situ they will take you and your car to a safe location.

Roadside assistance and a home-start service is available for all emergencies, however if there is accidental damage or damage caused by neglect or misuse then the cost of this may be recharged to you. This includes recoveries as a result of damaged tyres.

Hitachi’s breakdown assistance service is available 24/7.

Replacement Tyres:

Hitachi have a no-quibble tyre policy where they will cover all repairs and replacement tyres needed due to wear and tear and accidental damage. This does not include damage as a result of deliberate misuse, theft or vandalism.

Hitachi advise that they will replace any tyres with a tread below 2mm. The legal minimum tread in the UK is currently 1.6mm.

Tyres will be replaced with Hitachi’s preferred premium brand.


Please be aware that LeasePlan offer two levels of maintenance packages, one with and one without their roadside assistance plan. Our team will let you know which package they are offering when they provide you with the quote for this.

Servicing and Maintenance:

When it’s time for your car’s service or if you need any maintenance repairs then you will just need to give LeasePlan a call on 03444935811 (option 2) to arrange this. They will cover any repairs if they are due to fair wear and tear or a manufacturing fault.

LeasePlan will arrange for the vehicle to be collected from you and delivered to one of their approved garages for the work to be completed and then returned to you afterwards. If you need a courtesy car during this time, they can also arrange this for you.

If your lease is longer than three years any MOTs that the vehicle needs will be covered by the maintenance package.

LeasePlan advise the below will not be included in your maintenance package:

  • Repair or replacement of parts due to driver error or negligence (including misfuelling)
  • Repairs due to accidents
  • Repairs due to vandalism
  • Repairs due to theft, including stolen wheels or tyres
  • Top ups of lubricant, AdBlue, or fluids between servicing intervals
  • Changing oil between regular servicing intervals
  • Adding or removing artwork or lettering to the vehicle
  • Washing, valeting or waxing the car

Breakdown Assistance:

LeasePlan do not offer a roadside assistance plan as standard, but you can add their comprehensive roadside assistance plan for an additional cost to your maintenance package.

This includes the below:

  • AA patrols
  • Repair or recovery of your vehicle to an onwards destination
  • Free of charge replacement vehicle
  • Home breakdown assistance
  • European roadside, recovery and repatriation
  • Onwards travel including twenty-four-hour car hire
  • Communications and translation service
  • Foreign travel documentation services (there may be a document fee for this)

Replacement Tyres:

Replacement tyres will be covered by LeasePlan as part of your maintenance package, unless they are damaged due to misuse.

LeasePlan have a UK wide chain of tyre fitters and mobile engineers who will fit like for like premium brand tyres for you.


If your lease and accompanying maintenance package are provided by Leasys then you can get in touch with them on 03702413727.

Servicing and Maintenance:

Leasys have advised that if you need to arrange for any services, MOTs or maintenance work that is needed during your lease then you will just need to call them to arrange this.

Please be aware that the below is not included in the maintenance package:

  • Glass or windscreen repairs and replacements 
  • Damage caused by an accident
  • Damage caused by driver abuse or neglect
  • Any replacements or repairs needed due to missing items or theft

Breakdown Assistance:

Leasys have advised that roadside assistance is included as part of their maintenance package. You would just need to call them on 03702413727 if you breakdown.

Replacement Tyres:

Tyres are included as part of your maintenance package and Leasys will replace worn tyres for you if you call them to arrange this.


If you have a maintained lease through Lex you can call them on 03448796633 for all your servicing and maintenance needs. This also includes booking an MOT, new tyres, batteries and exhausts as well as helping with things that are not covered by their maintenance package, for example windscreen replacement and repair.

Servicing and Maintenance:

You can book any servicing, maintenance and MOTs that your vehicle needs simply by giving Lex a call.

Lex can arrange for your vehicle to be collected and delivered back to you at home or work, and as long as you provide a minimum of five days’ notice they can arrange for a courtesy car for you whilst the work is being carried out.

You will usually receive a text reminder from Lex the day before any servicing or repairs are due.

After the work has been completed you will get a detailed list of all repairs that have been carried out.

Lex advise that the below will not be covered by your maintenance package:

  • Damaged, missing or stolen items
  • Damage caused by an accident or abuse of the vehicle
  • Driver induced faults, including the cost of breakdown or recovery if applicable
  • Paintwork and body damage
  • Wear or damage to parts that are covered but have failed due to lack of or irregular maintenance or servicing
  • All glass (Lex may be able to help arrange for repairs or replacement glass, but this will be recharged to you)

Breakdown Assistance:

Lex offer an emergency roadside assistance and breakdown service as part of their fully maintained leases.

If you do breakdown you can call them at any time of the day on 03448796633 and they will then contact their preferred breakdown assistance supplier to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Currently, Lex’s breakdown assistance is provided by the AA and they offer roadside assistance from your home or workplace as well.

In the event of a breakdown or accident Lex aim to provide a replacement vehicle whilst yours is being repaired. If you do need a replacement vehicle, you’ll just need to let them know and they can arrange this for you.

Replacement Tyres:

As part of your maintenance package Lex offer a tyre replacement service. Their preferred tyre supplier is Kwik Fit who have locations across the country as well as mobile fitters so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

They will use like for like premium brands when replacing your tyres.

Lex will replace or repair tyres that:

  • Have a tread depth of 2mm or below
  • Have a puncture
  • Have side-wall damage, irrespective of tread depth

Lex will not replace tyres that are damaged due to an accident, malicious damage or vandalism, subject to an insurance claim or if fraud is suspected or if a replacement is needed due to theft.

Wessex Fleet

If your Lease is maintained by Wessex Fleet then you simply need to call them to arrange for any servicing, maintenance work, replacement tyres or MOTs.

Servicing and Maintenance:

If your vehicle needs any servicing or maintenance work, you can book this in yourself with your local franchised dealer. They will then contact Wessex Fleet for authority to complete the work. Alternatively, you can call the Maintenance Team on 01722322888 (option 2) and they can arrange this for you.

If your lease is longer than three years, then any MOTs that are needed will be covered by your maintenance package. 

If you would like a courtesy car while any work is carried out, then a couple of weeks’ notice is usually required. Alternatively pick up and delivery from your home or work and while you wait servicing can usually be booked in quicker.

Please be aware that the below will not be covered:

  • Any physical damage to the vehicle is not covered by your maintenance agreement, which may include kerbed or damaged tyres
  • Any repairs or replacement glass that is needed
  • Any damage caused by driver misuse or neglect
  • Any replacements need to theft

Breakdown Assistance:

As part of the maintenance package Wessex Fleet offer breakdown assistance.

You will just need to contact the emergency helpline on 08009177402.

Replacement Tyres:

Wessex Fleet’s primary tyre supplier is Kwik Fit so if your tyres show signs of wear or you have a puncture you can take it into any Kwik Fit assessment centre. They will then contact Wessex Fleet for authorisation to complete the repairs or replace the tyre.

If you would prefer a mobile tyre fitter come out to you to replace or repair the tyre, then just call the Maintenance Team and they will be able to arrange this for you. Please be aware that they need at least 24 hours’ notice and your tyre size.  

For more information on the services provided by Wessex Fleet you can take a look at their site here.

Contact Details:

  • ALD: 01179086472 and option 4
  • Alphabet: 03700120301
  • Arval: 03706004499
  • Hitachi: 03444632900, and option 1 then the appropriate option from the menu
  • LeasePlan:  03444935811 and option 2
  • Leasys: 03702413727
  • Lex: 03448796633 and the appropriate option
  • Wessex Fleet: General queries between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday – 01722322888 and option 1 or their 24 hour emergency contact – 08009177402

If you have any questions about adding a maintenance package to your lease just ask your Leasing Consultant.

If you’re an existing customer with a maintained lease and have a question about your package please give your maintenance provider a call on the number listed above.

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