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Car Lease Special Offers is the trading name of Wessex Fleet Solutions Ltd, a fleet management and vehicle leasing company based in the picturesque city of Salisbury in the south of England.

Wessex Fleet was founded over 15 years ago in 2004 by our three directors Tim McNally, Simon Naylor and Spencer Blake.

The three were friends long before they founded the business, and between them had just shy of twenty years’ experience in the leasing and rental sector working for others when they decided to venture out on their own.

There were two main factors that prompted them to form their own company. On a personal level, they wanted more time with their young families so needed a better work-life balance. On a professional level, they were determined to create an environment where the customer’s experience is at the heart of everything, something they had noticed wasn't always the case with other companies.

Today, we pride ourselves on being here to help our customers on every step of the journey from finding the very best leasing offers through streamlining the document signing process, answering any questions once the vehicle has delivered, and even helping to arrange collection at the end of the lease.

As the company has expanded and new members have joined the team we’ve worked hard to ensure that our customers remain at the centre of what we do. Tim, Simon and Spencer now oversee over 30 members of the Wessex Family, ensuring our customers are expertly informed and guided through every stage of the leasing journey. You can find out more about each of our teams and what they do on the meet the team page.

Wessex Fleet now also offer personal and business leasing through Car Lease Special Offers, bespoke fleet and grey fleet management, vehicle rentals, driving licence checks and driver training for our corporate customers.

We work with a number of different companies to ensure we provide you with the very best service possible. On the fleet management side, we work with Licence Check in partnership with the DVLA for our driving licence checks, Innovative Solutions using the 1link platform for repairs, maintenance and rental supply, and Kwik Fit, National, ATS and Halfords Auto Centres for repairs, servicing and maintenance.

We also partner with a number of leasing platforms including carwow, Leasing.com, AutoTrader, LeaseLoco and Cars2Buy to ensure our great deals reach as many people as possible.

Our Story So Far:

Our Future: 

Our vision is to be a leading brand in the fleet management and leasing industries in the UK, whilst maintaining our focus on the customer experience.  

We have four core values are designed to help us achieve this and they are: Be genuine. Be enthusiastic. Be dedicated. Be effective. Each of which succinctly sums up a key quality every member of the Wessex strives for.

Be Genuine: We want to be as honest and upfront with all our customers throughout the duration of the leasing or fleet management journey they take with us. We don’t ever want you to feel like you’re dealing with a phoney salesman, or woman, who’s just trying to hit target.

Be Enthusiastic: Everyone at Wessex Fleet is enthusiastic about their work and making sure we provide the very best service for you. Our directors and management team are also committed to providing a happy workplace for all our staff, encouraging personal and professional development to ensure we all remain enthusiastic about our roles.  

Be Dedicated: We’re dedicated to doing the best by our customers and everyone at Wessex Fleet works hard to ensure we’re providing the very best service possible.

Be Effective: Work smarter not harder is a phrase we live by at Wessex Fleet. We want to make the journey as smooth as possible for our staff and our customers, and although we’ll never take shortcuts we do strive to streamline the process wherever possible.

We will continue to build relationships with dealerships across the UK and work with the largest finance companies to provide our customers with the very best leasing deals in the market. As we grow we’re also exploring funding leases ourselves alongside brokering leases with other funders. 

On the fleet management side, we are working to grow the services we can offer our clients, and continue to tailor them to the individual business’ needs.

Within the business, we want to empower our staff to continue to help us develop convenient and innovative solutions to make our service more streamlined and user friendly, which is why our management team and directors make sure they’re available to speak about any new ideas. We also have a number of opportunities for personal and professional development with a variety of courses through Wiltshire College, including NCFE Level 2 certifications in Principles of Team Leading and Principles of Customer Service. Going forward we will continue to encourage our staff to take these development opportunities. 

We're seeing the success of our customer focused policy with the feedback we receive. You can take a look at what our customers say about Wessex Fleet here or scroll through the reviews below:




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