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UPDATE: 01/05/2020  We are currently working with a reduced number of staff so apologise for any delay in responding to you. NO CANCELLATION FEES: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are offering customers free cancellation for new orders taken from 20th March 2020. 

It sounds like an old cliche, but the biggest part of who we are and how we got there are the people we entrust to get us through the journey, it's what makes us different.

We would welcome you to call and speak to any of the team about anything, even if you just want to talk through your options and get some advice, just don't call Craig to talk about milk going in instant coffee first....it sends him over the edge.


Spencer Blake Spencer Blake

Spencer Blake


Spencer looks after the Sales, Marketing and Customer Services Teams

Simon Naylor Simon Naylor

Simon Naylor


Simon looks after the Fleet Management and Rental Teams

Tim McNally Tim McNally

Tim McNally


Tim looks after the Accounts and Compliance Teams

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